What is your first holy communion? Plus, suggestions for the best first communion gifts.

What is your first holy communion?

A child's first communion is the second of seven sacraments. It is a holy and cherished event in a child's life. A religious ceremony where they receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time. The first communion is also called the First Eucharist. This event occurs when a child reaches the age of seven or eight. At this age, they must complete all first communion requirements set forth by his or her church for first communion.


Requirements for First Communion

To receive the first communion, a child must be at least seven years of age. Or at an age (seven or greater), they can understand communion's meaning. A child must also have been baptized and received the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is also known as First Penance. This is where a child confesses his or her sins for the first time. Once a child has a clear conscience, they can receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Children typically wear all white to their first communion. Family and friends typically give meaningful, personalized religious gifts before and after a child's first communion.

A First Communion Story Bracelet for Her

This beautiful First Communion charm bracelet comes with seven Rembrandt charms. A promise ring, her initial, an angel, a communion, her age charm, her heart birthstone, and an I Love You charm. This gift is a collaboration of meaningful symbols to commemorate her first communion and what's important to her.

Godparents and Sponsors for the First Communion

A Godparent or sponsor is not required when a child receives their first communion. However, a properly chosen Godparent is a tradition followed by most. A Godparent stands by their Godchild's side when their Godchild receives their first communion. Godparents are typically chosen when a child is christened or baptized. A sponsor (sometimes a Godparent) is selected when a child prepares for confirmation. A parent or guardian should select a Godparent that is able to join their child on their journey of faith. A Godparent should be of the same faith and live a faithful life. In addition, a Godparent should be able to teach and mentor their godchild throughout life. A Godparent is a role model, a mentor, and a lifelong partner in faith. A person that should be chosen with care.

Best First Communion Gifts

The best first communion gifts for boys and girls are personalized gifts. At BeadifulBABY, you can personalize and engrave your gifts just the way you like. Choose from 1st communion bracelets and necklaces. Also, First holy communion frames, medals, lockets, charm bracelets, and keepsake boxes.

Personalized First Communion Gifts

You'll love our beautiful and handsome selection of personalized first communion gifts for boys and girls. Gifts to commemorate their 1st holy communion. Our engraving experts will work with you to engrave your gift perfectly. We can engrave as many characters and images as your gift will fit. We love creating creatively designed engraved gifts everyone will love. The following items are examples of some of the best personalized first communion gifts that customers love.

How Are My First Communion Gifts Packaged?

All your BeadifulBABY 1st holy communion gifts are packaged in a complimentary gift box with a ribbon. In addition, we offer a variety of gift wrap options you may choose from for an additional charge. 

BeadifulBABY beautiful gift packaging.
BeadifulBABY beautiful gift packaging

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