Learn how to add pearls to your Create-A-Pearl® necklace

Adding Pearls in Easy with Create-A-Pearl®

We make it easy to add pearls to your Create-A-Pearl® necklace with our add a pearl product lines for Akoya and Freshwater cultured pearls. Click your pearl preference below to purchase your pearls.

How Many Pearls Should I Purchase at a Time?

We suggest purchasing one pearl on a pearl card for every special occasion or event. We have a beautiful selection of pearl cards to choose from. All pearls are gift packaged in a beautiful gift box with matching wrapping paper and ribbon, perfect for gift giving. We refer to these pearls as loose pearls, meaning they are single pearls not yet added to her necklace chain. They are presented on a pearl card and later added to her necklace chain near Christmas or at a time you choose. Continue reading to learn how and when to add her loose pearls to her necklace chain.

Pearl cards by Create-A-Pearl®.
Create-A-Pearl moments and memories to add a pearl.

How and When Do I Add Her Loose Pearls to Her Necklace Chain?

We suggest adding her loose pearls to her necklace chain once per year in October so you can present her with her newly restrung pearl necklace for Christmas each year. So, if, for example, she's collected a pearl for her birthday, a pearl for Valentine's Day, a pearl for Easter, and a pearl to celebrate her first day of school, she should have four pearls for you to mail back to us in October to add to her necklace chain.

Simply gather her pearl cards and mail them back to us. Be sure to keep her pearls attached to her pearl cards so we can easily account for her pearls.

To start this process, select the pearl restringing service below corresponding to your pearl type and follow the instructions to complete the process.

Have questions, call us at 1-888-707-7772 and we will be more than happy to help.

Create-A-Pearl pearl cards with loose pearls.

How Many Pearls Are Needed to Complete a Pearl Necklace?

We get this question a lot. Four 6 mm pearls equals one inch. 

  • 1 inch = 25.4 mm
  • 4 pearls * the average pearl size of 6 mm = 24 mm (1 inch)
  • the knots account for about 2 inches
  • the clasp and end components account for about 1 inch

Therefore, to create a 16-inch pearl necklace, you'd need 52 pearls (i.e., 4 * 16 = 64 - 12 = 52); to create an 18-inch pearl necklace, you'd need 60 pearls (i.e., 4 * 18 = 72 - 12 = 60). The 12 we are subtracting is the three inches that account for the knots, clasp, and end components.

  • 16 inch necklace = 52 pearls
  • 18 inch necklace = 60 pearls

If you stay on track by purchasing four pearls per year, your beautiful little girl will have a complete pearl necklace by age 16 or 18, making a perfect sweet sixteen birthday present when she's sixteen or a high school graduation present when she's eighteen.


Create-A-Pearl pearl necklace sizes for baby and kids.

How Do I Start a Create-A-Pearl® Pearl Necklace?

Starting a Create-A-Pearl® pearl necklace is easy. Simply select your pearl preference below, and we'll do the rest. We recommend starting a pearl necklace with one pearl on her first birthday or for her christening. Her first pearl is knotted several times to her chain with pearl silk to keep her pearl beautiful. The initial knots are large, but they serve a purpose in keeping her pearl safe from scratches.

How Are My Create-A-Pearl® Gifts Packaged?

We package all Create-A-Pearl® necklaces in a wood mahogany necklace box. You may have us personalize your necklace box for an additional charge.

All loose pearls on pearl cards are packaged in a gift box with wrapping paper and ribbon matching the pearl card occasion your gift is for.

Create-A-Pearl engraved jewelry box.
Create-A-Pearl starter necklace.
Create-A-Pearl® necklace wood mahogany necklace box.

I Still Have Questions. How Can I Get Help?

Call us at 1-888-707-7772 or visit our Contact Us page to leave us a message.