Learn how to resize your Grow-With-Me® bracelet

Resizing Your Bracelet or Necklace is Easy with Grow-With-Me®

We make it easy to resize your Grow-With-Me® bracelet or necklace. Just simply click the link below to start the process.

What is Grow-With-Me® Jewelry?

Grow-With-Me® is an exclusive trademarked brand of BeadifulBABY®. The Grow-With-Me® jewelry collection features handmade beaded bracelets and necklaces made with the world's finest cultured pearls, genuine gemstones, and components. These bracelets and necklaces are handcrafted in our Frisco, Texas, USA, location by our highly-trained jewelry artisans. Our onsite GIA Pearls Graduate hand selects every fine pearl for this beautiful collection of resizable jewelry.

As the name suggests, all Grow-With-Me® bracelets and necklaces are resizable. Simply visit our resizing form to start the process. After you fill out the resizing form and complete the checkout process on our website, simply mail your bracelet back to us using the mailing instructions on the resizing form. You'll need to scroll down below the form to view the instructions.

How to mail your Grow-With-Me® bracelet or necklace back to us.

Why Start a Grow-With-Me Bracelet?

Grow-With-Me® bracelets make great gifts because they're resizable. You can purchase a bracelet for your new baby to celebrate her birth and then later have her bracelet resized for her christening, 1st birthday, 1st day of school, a special dance recital, her 1st communion, her sweet sixteen birthday, her graduation, and for her wedding day. Her beautiful bracelet can grow with her as she grows, acquiring all the memories she experiences, making her bracelet a cherished keepsake she will forever treasure.

How Do I Know How Much Larger to Make Her Bracelet?

We get this question a lot. You'll need two pieces of information to determine this. First, measure her existing bracelet from end to end to find her current size. Second, measure her wrist by wrapping any pliable material around her wrist exactly how you would like her bracelet to fit. This means draping the material slightly around her wrist as you'd like her bracelet to fit, marking the endpoints of the material so you can measure these points from end to end. When you have this measurement, subtract her new bracelet size from her old one to get the length to add.

For example -

  1. Current bracelet size = 4.5 inches
  2. Material measurement = 5.5 inches
  3. Subtracting these two = 1 inch to add

In this example, you'll have us add one inch to her existing bracelet.


Four 5.5 - 6.0 mm pearls equal about one inch for those who like the details. 

  • 1 inch = 25.4 mm
  • 4 pearls * the average pearl size of 5.5 - 6.0 mm = 24 mm (about 1 inch)

Therefore, if you add one inch, four pearls or silver beads will likely be added to your Grow-With-Me bracelet or necklace, depending on the bracelet pattern.

What are Standard Bracelet Sizes?

We get this question a lot, too. Bracelet sizes vary by baby, child, and teen, as all children experience growth spurts at different times, so we always recommend you measure to ensure the best fit. If you're unsure, you can use the table to the right as a guide.

We will restring and resize any bracelet that does not fit within the first 30 days.

Grow-With-Me bracelet sizing chart.

When Do I Resize Her Grow-With-Me® Cultured Pearl Necklace?

Customers typically purchase their first Grow-With-Me® cultured pearl necklace for their child at a size 11 - 12 inches when they're a baby or toddler.


Therefore, it's best to resize her necklace at around age -

  • 11 years to a 14-inch, at

  • 14 years to a 16-inch, at

  • 16 years to an 18-inch, and at

  • 18 years to a 20-inch.

Create-A-Pearl pearl necklace sizes for baby and kids.

How Do I Start a Grow-With-Me® Bracelet or Necklace?

Starting a Grow-With-Me® bracelet or necklace is easy. Select your preference for a bracelet or necklace below, and then select the bracelet style you prefer on either of those product category pages. All Grow-With-Me® bracelets or necklaces are handmade and completely custom, so if you'd like to modify any bracelet pattern you see, just leave us a note in the Special Requests section, and we will contact you for details. We can mix and match any of the components on any of our Grow-With-Me® bracelets or necklaces to make a design you love.

The following bracelet and necklace are example designs. Click the link below these two photos to select your preferred bracelet or necklace design.

How Are My Grow-With-Me® Gifts Packaged?

We package all Grow-With-Me® necklaces and gold bracelets in a wood mahogany box. We package all Grow-With-Me® silver bracelets in a wood mahogany bracelet box for an upgrade. You may have us personalize your bracelet or necklace box for an additional charge.

All Grow-With-Me® jewelry is packaged in a gift box with a ribbon. You may add gift wrap and a gift card for an additional charge.

Grow-With-Me® bracelet packaging with personalization.
Grow-With-Me® necklace packaging personalization.
Grow-With-Me® necklace packaging.

I Still Have Questions. How Can I Get Help?

Call us at 1-888-707-7772 or visit our Contact Us page to leave us a message.