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How our family-values shape our customer service

We believe in the Golden Rule that has existed for centuries to treat our fellow patrons as we would want them to treat us. These values are core to our family and core to our business.

We all enjoy visiting our favorite small business cafes, coffee shops, bookstores, and boutiques for those connections with the familiar faces that always remember our name and stop to chat. We appreciate those businesses and treasure our moments with them as they're part of our community and daily routines.

That's the feeling and sense of community we strive to create here at our small business, BeadifulBABY. Many of our patrons have continued to shop with us over these past 18 years, telling us how much they, too, appreciate the caring and thoughtful attention they receive.

A Timeless Golden Rule

"Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets."

Matthew 7:12

What makes our customer service special

We do. We love people and love what we do. We make beautiful jewelry for you at your happiest moments when your new babies are born and receive their christenings and baptism vows and your daughters and sons graduate kindergarten and high school. We personalize your children's jewelry to commemorate and celebrate their birthdays, dance recitals, communions, confirmations, and firsts.

Our service is extraordinary and devoted because happiness is contagious, and we love helping make their special days the happiest they can be. We do this by providing high-quality jewelry, where every piece comes with a lifetime warranty. We do this because we value your and all our customers' experiences long after the gifts are received and worn.

In addition, we love creativity. So, we welcome your requests to customize your jewelry so your gift is as unique and beautiful as you envisioned. We're not an enormous warehouse with thousands of orders, so we have the time to take meaningful consideration to ensure your gift is created and personalized with the same care we'd take for our family. 

What our customers say again and again

Our customers say they love their jewelry. In addition, they love talking with us. We love talking with them, too, as we collaborate to create the most beautiful jewelry designs with so much sentimental value.

We specialize in making the smallest details just perfect by providing custom designs and engraving. We do all of our engraving in-house with professional engraving equipment that allows us to personalize your gifts as soon as you order them. We are expert engravers with years of experience and we have a great eye for design we know you'll appreciate.

Celebrate us and other small businesses on Small Business Saturday

Now that you know what makes small businesses so special and relevant to our communities, We welcome you to celebrate your area's small businesses on Small Business Saturday, November 30, 2024.

Click to learn more about Small Business Saturday from the Small Business Association (SBA).

Learn about a company's values by visiting the Better Business Bureau

The best way to learn about a company's service values before you shop with them is to visit the Better Business Bureau and search for their name using the BBB's Find a Better Business search feature. Always review every company you shop with at the BBB to learn more about their prevailing values and how they respond to customers' needs and concerns. These reviews will tell you first-hand what you can expect to hear when you have a concern.

We welcome you to visit our BBB profile at the Better Business Bureau to learn more about what our customers think about their jewelry and experience with us at BeadifulBABY. Our reviews show we respect our customers' concerns, questions, and time.

When you open your package, you'll see our care

When you shop with us, our care shows in everything we do, from our jewelry quality and designs to our personalization and customization options to our packaging and warranties. We value you as we do all that is important to us. Thank you for learning about us. We hope to create a beautiful gift for you and your family.

BeadifulBABY beautiful gift packaging.
BeadifulBABY beautiful gift packaging

I Still Have Questions. How Can I Get Help?

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