See engraving examples and suggestions on how to personalize your gifts.

How Should I Personalize My Gift?

We get this question a lot. How to personalize your gift depends on the gift itself and what occasion your gift is for. We recommend always commemorating the occasion with the date and including their name or initials to make their gift personal. In addition, add a little whimsey with our selection of engraved images or your custom image upon request. Use the engraving examples on this page for inspiration. Keep reading for more personalization ideas and how to request custom images.


Why Should I Personalize Their Gift?

Customer personalization at BeadifulBABY.

Engraving adds a sentimental touch that will be with them forever, reminding them of their special event and how loved they are. Add details like their name or initials, event date or birthdate, or a memorable phrase reminding them of you or a loved one. Add their first words or the name of their favorite pet, hobby, or sport. The possibilities are endless, and you can be as creative as you like.

Do You Have Engraving Examples for Inspiration?

Yes, we do. The following engraving examples and those throughout this page provide ideas on how you can make their gift extra special with personalization.

What Can I Engrave on Their Gifts?

We get this question a lot, too. We can engrave as much as your gift will fit. Let us know what images and text you'd prefer us to engrave on your gift, and we will use our engraving knowledge and expertise to personalize your gift beautifully. We love creating artfully engraved gifts that create captivating smiles for everyone. The following engraving examples show how the text fits on an engravable piece. Pay particular attention to the size of the text, the number of characters engraved, and the space around the text to gauge what your gift can fit nicely.

What Images Can You Engrave?

We can engrave all of these images and more. If you have a custom image you would like us to engrave, just let us know. We can engrave any simple image with an outline. We can also locate images for you, so just let us know what you have in mind, and we'll do our best to locate your image and engrave it on your beautiful BeadifulBABY gift.

Engravable images at BeadifulBABY.
Images to engrave at BeadifulBABY.

Who Does My Engraving?

We do. We do all of our BeadifulBABY customers' engraving in-house, which means we can customize your engraving just the way you like. If it fits, we can engrave it. We have almost two decades of experience engraving gifts for our customers, making us experienced experts in our field. Just let us know any additional engraving specifications you may have by leaving us a note when you place your order, and we'll call you to clarify your engraving instructions.

How Are My Engraved Gifts Packaged?

We package all your BeadifulBABY personalized and engraved gifts in a complimentary gift box with a ribbon. In addition, we offer a variety of gift wrap options you may choose from for an additional charge. 

BeadifulBABY beautiful gift packaging.
BeadifulBABY beautiful gift packaging

I Still Have Questions. How Can I Get Help?

Call us at 1-888-707-7772 or visit our Contact Us page to leave us a message.