With Create-A-Pearl® by My First Pearls®, build her first pearl necklace one pearl at a time. Start with one, two, or three fine cultured pearls, then add a pearl for every special occasion or memorable event in her childhood. As she grows, her beautiful pearl necklace grows with her.

When she blossoms into a young woman, she will have a complete first pearl necklace filled with special memories created by you and those who love her dearly. She will have a keepsake gift that she can wear on her wedding day and pass down to her beautiful daughter as a family heirloom while sharing the story behind the start and creation of her first pearl necklace as a child. A family tradition started by you. So start your family tradition today with a Create-A-Pearl® by My First Pearls® necklace, then add a pearl on every special and meaningful occasion.

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