See what the best gift for a newborn baby girl is.

The Best Gift for a Newborn Baby Girl is a Baby Bracelet

A tiny little baby bracelet is the best gift for a newborn baby girl. That's me in the 1972 photo to the right, wearing a 14K yellow gold baby bangle bracelet in a size as tiny as my little baby wrist could fit. I still have my little gold baby bangle, and when I look at it, I still stare in awe that long ago, it once fit around my wrist.

1972 was a long time ago, but today, in 2024, baby bracelets are still a wonderful and timeless gift for a mom for her newborn baby girl.


Why are Baby Bracelets a Timeless Tradition?

Baby bracelets are just easy to wear, and they're sturdy. You can easily put a bangle bracelet on a baby and take her family photos without fuss. They can be stored easily, and they last a lifetime. So she'll have a keepsake for her children to see just how tiny her little wrist once was.

What Size Baby Bracelet Should I Get?

We get this question a lot. Our baby bangles come in two sizes - a size 4.5 and a size 5.25. A 4.5-inch is the best size to select if baby is having her christening within the first few months of her life and if you want to have a keepsake to remember just how tiny her wrist once was. A size 5.25-inch is a great size to select if you want your baby to get the most use out of her tiny bracelet into her toddler years. 


Can I Personalize Her Baby Bracelet?

Yes, and we recommend it so her bracelet is even more personal to her. Many of our baby bracelets can be engraved on both the front and back, giving you ample opportunity to add all the sentiments you desire. We can engrave various adorable little icon images like hearts and crosses and even custom images you send to us, including a short message written in your own handwriting.

Should I Choose a Gold or Silver Baby Bracelet?

We recommend you choose the option that best fits your budget. Silver is a wonderful option, as all our silver baby bracelets are sterling silver rhodium. Rhodium is a precious metal that belongs to the platinum family of precious metals and is used on sterling jewelry items to add durability and prevent tarnish.

Gold is a timeless option as she'll have her bracelet for her lifetime, and her daughter's and granddaughter's to wear someday on their tiny little wrists. So going gold is worth the extra money when you consider her bracelet as an heirloom to be passed down many generations to come.

 How Will My Baby Bracelet be Packaged?

We package all baby bangle bracelets in a gift box with a beautiful ribbon. We also offer gift wrapping in lots of options you can add for an additional charge.

BeadifulBABY beautiful gift packaging.
BeadifulBABY beautiful gift packaging

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