Medical alert jewelry, when seconds count

What is medical alert jewelry?

Medical alert necklaces.

Medical alert jewelry contains a distinct symbol or emblem, usually imprinted in bright red directly on the jewelry item, that denotes a medical condition that exists or must be considered in an emergency.

This red Caduceus symbol is the symbol of medicine and has long stood as the traditional symbol for all medical alert jewelry.

What is engraved on medical alert jewelry?

Medical alert jewelry is engraved with the wearers' crucial medical information to consider in an emergency. This information provides first responders quick key information on responding to their medical emergency.

Standard medical abbreviations denote medical conditions because the entire name of the condition often will not fit on the medical alert jewelry item's surface.

In addition to adding key medical abbreviations, it is vital to include the following information on all medical alert jewelry -

First name

Medical abbreviation

Allergy abbreviation

Location of Epipen

Emergency phone number


What are the most common medical abbreviations?

The following medical abbreviations are the most common on medical alert jewelry for children. The abbreviation is engraved on the jewelry to denote the condition and to save space for other important information like the child's name, birthdate, or contact phone number.


  • ALGY (Allergy)
  • ASD (Autism spectrum disorder)
  • T2D (Type 2 diabetes)
  • T1D (Type 1 diabetes)
  • CA (Cancer)
  • CP (Cerebral palsy)
  • DD (Developmental disability)
  • DEF (Deaf)
  • DS (Down syndrome)
  • EPI (Epipen)
  • GAD (Generalized anxiety disorder)
  • HI (Hearing impaired)
  • ICE (In case of emergency)
  • KS (Kawasaki syndrome)
  • MCS (Multiple chemical sensitivities)
  • MD (Muscular dystrophy)
  • MS (Multiple sclerosis)
  • NLD (Nonverbal learning disability)
  • NKA (No known allergies)
  • NKDA (No known drug allergies)
  • PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • TBI (Traumatic brain injury)
  • TS (Tourette syndrome)

Who wears medical alert jewelry?

Anyone with a severe medical condition or disability can wear medical alert bracelets, necklaces, or charms. Individuals who cannot speak (i.e., nonverbal) may also benefit from wearing a medical alert charm so their jewelry can speak for them in an emergency.

Medical alert jewelry can save lives and protect individuals from experiencing medical errors when admitted to the hospital and during discharge. Specifically, this jewelry helps healthcare providers and emergency responders understand a patient’s medical condition and history to provide the best medical care possible.

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