A child’s first Communion is an important milestone in their life and can be just as momentous for their parents, friends, and loved ones. If the special child in your life is preparing for their First Communion, a charm bracelet is a wonderful way to always remind them of your love for them as they take the first step in their faith.

Charm bracelets have been around for centuries, but something about the sentiment they convey and their sweet, innocent appearance has let them stay trendy and fashionable for untold amounts of time. In the early church, charm bracelets with fish or cross charms were used as a covert way for Christians to identify other believers without risking exposure to Roman rule.

During the 1800s, Queen Victoria made charm bracelets popular among upper-class European women, and in 1889, Tiffany and Co. introduced their iconic silver charm bracelet with a single heart charm. Charm bracelets have been trendsetters since their first introduction to modern society, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

In addition to their long-staying nature, a charm bracelet is something that can be ornamented for years to come, so that your child will always carry this reminder of faith and love wherever they go.

As a First Communion gift, charm bracelets are popular because of how personal they are. Because they are so highly versatile and because you can choose which charms are the best indicators of your child’s personality and spirit, each bracelet is different. No matter which charms you ultimately select, you will end up with a piece of jewelry that is distinctly your child’s.

Another important factor that makes charm bracelets so popular is their ability to remain a treasured part of your child’s jewelry box for years to come. You can add charms and baubles to the bracelet as your child ages so that it continues to reflect their personality as they grow in wisdom and stature.

Ultimately, some of the most popular first charms on a First Communion charm bracelet are crosses or other spiritual icons. You can also choose to add charms that are unique to your child—baubles that match their interests and hobbies or even just their initials.

Thanks to the widespread influence of Tiffany and Co., the most popular charm bracelets available on the market today are still usually sterling silver, white gold, or platinum. The charms are often more brightly colored, but the base of the bracelet is usually a cool or neutral tone.

However, that absolutely should not stop you from finding a charm bracelet that fits your child’s personality in every way! Look for gold or warm-toned charm bracelet that will match their bright and sunny disposition, or stick with the cool, classic, and elegant look of a silver charm bracelet!

Whether you prefer silver or gold, the important part of a charm bracelet’s charm is its ability to show the world a little piece of who your child is.