Storing your children’s jewelry doesn’t have to be a complicated process. It simply involves giving your children some guidelines on how to keep their jewelry safe and secure to prevent it from being damaged, lost, or stolen.

How should children’s jewelry be stored to forego unforeseen problems? Here are a few ideas to do just that.

Ella Grace Fairy Princess Musical Jewelry Box
Ella Grace Fairy Princess Musical Jewelry Box


It’s important to explain to children the significance and value of jewelry pieces. They need to know that any pieces given to them by family or friends as well as any pieces handed down to them through a grandparent, great-grandparent or other family members from long ago are important reminders of that person’s life. Children need to know how important a jewelry piece is, whether it was great-grandma’s cameo necklace or Uncle George’s pocket watch, or even their own sterling silver baby bracelet. They need to understand that there is personal affection attached to the piece in order to realize its value and importance.

Ask your child how they would feel about damaging or losing their Mickey Mouse watch they saved for and purchased themselves. That discussion will better equip a child to understand the importance of other jewelry they are given or purchase themselves. Once a child understands the significance, they will better grasp how important it is to carefully store and protect all jewelry items.

Where to Store Children’s Jewelry

All children’s jewelry should be stored in a dry and clean place. Moisture can damage fine and even costume jewelry. A jewelry container can be an actual jewelry box or case that is lined with soft fabric that may have several sections for placement of different kinds of jewelry. A child might even like to make and decorate their own special jewelry box, but any items stored in it should be wrapped in tissue paper or kept in their original cloth pouches or containers. Self-contained fabric pouches help stop scratches and movement while other types of containers will have anti-tarnish features that will keep the piece looking new.

Loss Prevention

In order to decrease the chances of lost or stolen jewelry, any or all pieces can be stored in a safety deposit box or a home safe. Just with your own jewelry, a child’s jewelry should also be securely stored as well as insured, particularly if there are pieces that are irreplaceable or are extremely valuable. A home alarm system is another way to help prevent theft and vandalism of jewelry. If your children are older, they should know the on and off codes for the alarm, whether it’s for the entire house or a home safe. Taking pictures and keeping an inventory list and description of each item is also valuable, particularly when it comes to filing an insurance claim or notifying the police.

Properly storing and protecting your children’s jewelry is important. If they realize the significance of the pieces they have, they will better understand why their jewelry needs to be kept in a safe and secure place to prevent damage, loss or theft. These few guidelines for storage and loss prevention should be part of a family procedure that instills not only appreciation of fine jewelry but overall safety awareness when it comes to caring for valuable items.