A simple set of earrings can be a wonderful baptism gift for your baby or another baby in the family. Earrings can serve as a heartfelt sign of just how loved and treasured they truly are.

However, the earrings themselves need to be considered carefully, so that your baby will be as happy and healthy as they are beautiful! Keep in mind that the most important factor in finding earrings should be safety. It is important to choose earrings that are not only cute but also ones that don’t have the risk of getting caught on something or injuring your child.

Beyond the risk of tearing or injuring your baby’s earlobes, remember that infant skin is extremely sensitive. Most earrings made for young children are made with sterile metals, so look for 14 or 18K gold backings and posts.

It’s also important to note that some earrings may be made of a mixed alloy. Make sure that the earrings you choose for your baby’s baptism gift are made of a pure metal, whether it be gold or sterling silver.

Make sure you take the weight of the earrings into consideration before you make your choice. Your baby may not feel comfortable wearing heavy diamonds or even heavy gold studs, no matter how pure or simple the design may be. Fortunately, there are lots of earrings available at BeadifulBABY that are made specifically with little ears in mind, so finding a pair that’s just light enough should be pretty easy.

The last safety consideration is the style of the posts and backing. Try to look for a pair of earrings with flat, screw-on backings that fasten directly to the posts. These are difficult for the baby to accidentally remove, but still comfortable even when they are laying directly on the piercing.

Finally, look for a pair of earrings that suit your baby’s personality! Some popular choices for baptism gifts include crosses, hearts, and butterflies.

No matter what style and design you ultimately prefer, a pair of earrings can be a sign to the world and to your baby alike of how much you love, treasure, and value the child as a part of your family. So long as you take your baby’s safety into consideration when shopping for earrings, it should be easy to find a pair that’s as beautiful as they are.