A child is one of the most precious gifts we are given as human beings. As they grow, their milestones and major life events are moments to be treasured. One of the earliest times of celebration is their first Christening or Baptism. Backed by the promise of a full, wonderful life ahead, many parents and family members mark this occasion with the gift of jewelry. What should you look for when considering what kind of jewelry to purchase for such a special occasion? Let’s find out.


Children are rambunctious, energetic, and constantly on the move. They play, jump, run, and go – at all times. They tear through anything that stands in their way with an innocence only excusable for a child. Due to their nonstop lifestyle, when choosing which type of jewelry to purchase, something durable should be at the top of your list. It should be able to withstand the twists and turns of a child without easily bending or breaking. White gold is strong yet still beautiful and makes for an ideal option.

Water Resistance

Unlike an adult, a child is not going to swap out their jewelry choices day in and day out. They are not looking to coordinate their accessories with their attire or remove an item when headed to the beach or park. Jewelry gifted to a child will probably be worn at the pool, in the tub, and at the water park so it is important to choose something that can hold up to constant exposure to water. Many lower-end metals and materials can rust, turn dark, and stain the skin green. Purchasing jewelry that is resistant to change when wet can ensure it lasts longer and can be enjoyed in its best form. Sterling silver and gold can endure many bath time bubbles and beach days.

Timeless Appeal

Although a child is not particularly interested in the look and style of the jewelry they are gifted, it can appear unsightly if they are adorned with something that doesn’t suit them. A piece of jewelry gifted for something as sacred as a Christening or Baptism should be classic, timeless, and appealing across multiple generations of family members, not only physically but for its thoughtful significance. Pearls and diamonds withstand the test of time, fad fashions, and make great options.

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Personalized with Custom Features

Other than a birthday, a Christening or Baptism is one of the few times in the child’s life when the celebration is centered around the child. Not shared with any family member, this event highlights the child himself and honors all that they are. Jewelry can capture that day and moment when customized in a way that is unique to the child. A personalized touch can include engraving the name onto something like a bracelet plaque or a pendant on a necklace. The child’s birthstone can be added to signify the birth month and make it exclusive to that day. Gold or gold-plated pieces can be engraved seamlessly.